Wedding-Portrait Styled Session – Hendry House – Arlington, Virginia

by besa photography

Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0001These photos are from the styled wedding-portrait session I did at the Hendry House in Arlington, Virginia. Thank you so much to my lovely friend Shahrzad and her fiancé, Adrian, for being my models and for going along with my vision. :)  You guys were great and I am beyond thrilled with the results.  And I could never have done the session without my friend Niaz.  She is a local hair stylist and she did such a fantastic job with the hair and make-up!  Looking forward to collaborating with her again in the future!  And looking forward to making another bouquet and floral crown too!  So fun.  Enjoy!
Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0002Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0026 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0004 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0009 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0007 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0008 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0010 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0012 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0011 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0013Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0014 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0015 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0019 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0025 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0021 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0022 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0023 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0024Photography, styling, florals: besa photography
Hair & make-up: Hair Affair by Niaz