Todd, Samantha and Ruby – Kinder Farm Park, Maryland

Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0014Todd and Samantha are the sweetest couple and on a lovely fall evening, we walked around Kinder Farm Park in Millersville, Maryland with their adorable pup, Ruby. We talked, laughed, told some jokes (do you have any green beer?? :)) and took some charming photos. The exciting thing about this photo session is that we took a few additional photos that would be used to announce a very special surprise. One of those special photos is at the end of this post.

Todd and Samantha, thanks for letting me spend the evening with you both.  And here is to a healthy and happy “special surprise.” :)Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0024Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0023 Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0012Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0017 Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0005 Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0006 Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0016 Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0010Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0021Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0002 Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0026 Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0003 Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0019
And the special surprise…  (I still can’t get over Ruby’s “smile!!”)Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0025