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A Pearl Party with Pearls With Purpose

Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0022 A couple of weeks ago, Pearls with Purpose, a wonderful non-profit organization, held a ‘Pearl Party’ in Annapolis, Maryland.  Attendees had the opportunity to purchase all sorts of handmade jewelry made with beautiful gems and pearls at this AccessoRISE event.   There is something special though about the jewelry that you buy at these events (or buy from their website).   According to the Pearls with Purpose Facebook page and website, when you purchase jewelry from Pearls with Purpose, you are “purchasing hand crafted genuine pearl fashion jewelry items directly from women who have been trained in the jewelry making process by Pearls with Purpose.”  This results in the women who were “previous non-income earners [being able to] sustain their families.”  Essentially, “Pearls with Purpose was created with the initiative to instill self-sustainability and hope in women throughout the world.  By providing women in underdeveloped countries the opportunity to learn the art of jewelry making, Pearls with Purpose fosters economic self-reliance and helps families break free from the cycle of poverty.”  Please visit the Pearls with Purpose website or Facebook page to learn more about the organization as well as to learn more about hosting an AccessoRISE event yourself.  And for more information about the October Pearl Party, click here.  Enjoy the following images from the party.Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0015 Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0014 Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0027 Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0008 Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0004 Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0005 Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0012 Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0016 Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0009 Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0019 Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0013 Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0020 Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0021 Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0024 Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0017 Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0011 Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0010 Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0025 Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0007 Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0003 Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0002 Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0035 Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0029 Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0034 Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0033 Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0032 Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0026 Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0030 Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0023

Pearls-With-Purpose.Annapolis_0031The picture above shows Founder and Executive Director, Wendy Bird (left) with co-host, Claudia Romero Berth.

Kevin, Lindsay and Clyde: Annapolis, Maryland


On a sunny and warm evening, Kevin, Lindsay, Clyde and I took a walk through downtown Annapolis. Stopping by the harbor first, then walking through the cozy little streets, we had a great time chatting and taking photos. It was so sweet to see the way Kevin and Lindsay are with each other. You can clearly tell they are a couple who likes to laugh and have fun and Clyde fits in perfectly.

Oh, and walking through the streets, I have never seen a dog get more attention then Clyde did, but then how could he not with a face like this:

Cute couple!
Annapolis-Couple_0003 Annapolis-Couple_0004 Annapolis-Couple_0009 Annapolis-Couple_0006 Annapolis-Couple_0011