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Nicole and Ryan – Cherry Blossom Engagement – Washington, D.C.

Hains-Point-Cherry-Blossom-Engagement-DC-besa-photography_0018I was so excited when Nicole and Ryan contacted me to schedule their engagement session.  You may remember them from their proposal that I was fortunate enough to get to witness and photograph about a year ago.  Nicole and Ryan are such a sweet couple.  And, clearly, incredibly photogenic!  I loved watching the way they looked at each other in those stolen moments.  It is easy to see how much they love and respect each other.  What more could a photographer who loves capturing love ask for??!!  Nicole and Ryan, thank you for letting me be a part of this special moment in your lives.

Hains-Point-Cherry-Blossom-Engagement-DC-besa-photography_0002 Hains-Point-Cherry-Blossom-Engagement-DC-besa-photography_0005 Hains-Point-Cherry-Blossom-Engagement-DC-besa-photography_0007 Hains-Point-Cherry-Blossom-Engagement-DC-besa-photography_0014 Hains-Point-Cherry-Blossom-Engagement-DC-besa-photography_0013 Hains-Point-Cherry-Blossom-Engagement-DC-besa-photography_0024 Hains-Point-Cherry-Blossom-Engagement-DC-besa-photography_0019 Hains-Point-Cherry-Blossom-Engagement-DC-besa-photography_0008Hains-Point-Cherry-Blossom-Engagement-DC-besa-photography_0020

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.  ~Artistotle


Nicole & Ryan: Jefferson Memorial, Washington, D.C. Proposal


I can’t say how honored I feel to have been present for the engagement of Nicole and Ryan on a sunny and chilly February afternoon.  Ryan contacted me several months before the planned proposal and asked if I could be there to secretly photograph the event.  While an overcast and snowy morning had the potential to put a damper on the day, a sunny afternoon allowed the surprise to go off without a hitch!  The look on Nicole’s face, when Ryan got down on one knee, was priceless.  And then, braving the freezing temps and the windy gusts, we managed to spend a little time after the proposal taking some pictures around the Jefferson.  Ryan and Nicole couldn’t have been more sweet nor could they have been more in love.

Congratulations to you both.  I loved having the opportunity to photograph you guys!!  Thanks for letting me share in the moment. :)







No matter how hard we tried to control the wisps of hair blowing around by the wind, sometimes they had a life of there own. :) I loved the placement of the wisps in the image below.