Wedding Portraits: Bluemont Vineyard – Bluemont, Virginia

Wedding-Bluemont-Vineyard-Wedding_0012I am so excited to share these photos.  I have been beyond fortunate to get to assist an awesome local film photographer, Julie Massie, at a couple of her weddings.  It is so cool to get to watch her work.  She and her second-shooter, her husband Chris, have such a great harmony while they work.  Julie is so good under pressure.  She always remains calm and collected, which in turn helps to keep the bride, groom and the rest of the bridal party calm too, which then allows for the type of beautiful photographs that she produces. Her images are so bright and romantic and emotive.  I learn from her just by watching her and I feel pretty darn privileged to get to do that.  During the last wedding that I worked with her, I had the opportunity to take some photos at the same time that she was doing portraits (thank you, Julie!!).  Most of the photos that I am sharing here were taken with film and a few are digital images.  Can you tell which ones are which??  :)

I really can’t say enough about Julie.  Not only is she incredibly talented, but she is so kind, caring and generous.  You must do yourself the favor and check out her work (website and blog) and you will see why. Total inspiration.

Wedding-Bluemont-Vineyard-Wedding_0001 Wedding-Bluemont-Vineyard-Wedding_0003 Wedding-Bluemont-Vineyard-Wedding_0004 Wedding-Bluemont-Vineyard-Wedding_0005 Wedding-Bluemont-Vineyard-Wedding_0006 Wedding-Bluemont-Vineyard-Wedding_0007 Wedding-Bluemont-Vineyard-Wedding_0011 Ali&Chris-1

And this last photo comes from a moment after the wedding.  When I was leaving Bluemont Vineyard, there was this tiny little bridge that I crossed.  As I was crossing it, the sun was just at the perfect point to give me a total Pride & Prejudice moment…so I had to document it of course.  :)  Wedding-Bluemont-Vineyard-Wedding_0010