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Todd, Samantha and Ruby – Kinder Farm Park, Maryland

Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0014Todd and Samantha are the sweetest couple and on a lovely fall evening, we walked around Kinder Farm Park in Millersville, Maryland with their adorable pup, Ruby. We talked, laughed, told some jokes (do you have any green beer?? :)) and took some charming photos. The exciting thing about this photo session is that we took a few additional photos that would be used to announce a very special surprise. One of those special photos is at the end of this post.

Todd and Samantha, thanks for letting me spend the evening with you both.  And here is to a healthy and happy “special surprise.” :)Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0024Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0023 Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0012Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0017 Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0005 Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0006 Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0016 Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0010Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0021Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0002 Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0026 Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0003 Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0019
And the special surprise…  (I still can’t get over Ruby’s “smile!!”)Samantha&Todd.Kinder-Farm-Park.Maryland_0025

Damon, Rebecca and Molly – Old Town Alexandria


This is Damon, Rebecca and their sweet little pup, Molly.
You might remember Rebecca…we did some headshots and portraits together last year.
She still has the best smile and laugh ever!
We all spent a gorgeous Sunday morning taking a little walk around Old Town Alexandria.
These fun photos were the result.
They are getting married in April of next year and they wanted a few photos with Molly “declaring” their wedding date.
I think she “declared” well. :)

Damon_Rebecca_Old-Town-Alexandria_0005 Damon_Rebecca_Old-Town-Alexandria_0002 Damon_Rebecca_Old-Town-Alexandria_0004 Damon_Rebecca_Old-Town-Alexandria_0007


So cute!!!Damon_Rebecca_Old-Town-Alexandria_0009 Damon_Rebecca_Old-Town-Alexandria_0003Damon_Rebecca_Old-Town-Alexandria_0014 Damon_Rebecca_Old-Town-Alexandria_0006 Damon_Rebecca_Old-Town-Alexandria_0011 Damon_Rebecca_Old-Town-Alexandria_0012

Kevin, Lindsay and Clyde: Annapolis, Maryland


On a sunny and warm evening, Kevin, Lindsay, Clyde and I took a walk through downtown Annapolis. Stopping by the harbor first, then walking through the cozy little streets, we had a great time chatting and taking photos. It was so sweet to see the way Kevin and Lindsay are with each other. You can clearly tell they are a couple who likes to laugh and have fun and Clyde fits in perfectly.

Oh, and walking through the streets, I have never seen a dog get more attention then Clyde did, but then how could he not with a face like this:

Cute couple!
Annapolis-Couple_0003 Annapolis-Couple_0004 Annapolis-Couple_0009 Annapolis-Couple_0006 Annapolis-Couple_0011

Helen & Kyah

Helen&Kyah-23This is my good friend Helen and her pooch, Kyah.  One lovely afternoon, we spent some time walking around her house in the country and these images are the result.  Two models if you ask me. :)

Portrait-Pet-Maryland_0002 Portrait-Pet-Maryland_0004 Portrait-Pet-Maryland_0001 Portrait-Pet-Maryland_0006 Portrait-Pet-Maryland_0007

Helen&Kyah-43 Portrait-Pet-Maryland_0008 Portrait-Pet-Maryland_0009 Portrait-Pet-Maryland_0010 Portrait-Pet-Maryland_0012