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Damon, Rebecca and Molly – Old Town Alexandria


This is Damon, Rebecca and their sweet little pup, Molly.
You might remember Rebecca…we did some headshots and portraits together last year.
She still has the best smile and laugh ever!
We all spent a gorgeous Sunday morning taking a little walk around Old Town Alexandria.
These fun photos were the result.
They are getting married in April of next year and they wanted a few photos with Molly “declaring” their wedding date.
I think she “declared” well. :)

Damon_Rebecca_Old-Town-Alexandria_0005 Damon_Rebecca_Old-Town-Alexandria_0002 Damon_Rebecca_Old-Town-Alexandria_0004 Damon_Rebecca_Old-Town-Alexandria_0007


So cute!!!Damon_Rebecca_Old-Town-Alexandria_0009 Damon_Rebecca_Old-Town-Alexandria_0003Damon_Rebecca_Old-Town-Alexandria_0014 Damon_Rebecca_Old-Town-Alexandria_0006 Damon_Rebecca_Old-Town-Alexandria_0011 Damon_Rebecca_Old-Town-Alexandria_0012

Winery & Wedding Styled Shoot (Part II) – Rudy and Megan


So excited to present Part II of the styled shoot with The Style Collaborative at the stunning Stone Tower Winery in Leesburg, Virginia.  Part II = Rudy & Megan.  Rudy and Megan were so fun to photograph.  Not only were the sweet and kind but they were total naturals in front of the camera! Enjoy the following images of the lovely Rudy and Megan!


Stone-Tower-Winery-Leesburg-Virginia-Wedding_0019 Stone-Tower-Winery-Leesburg-Virginia-Wedding_0020 Stone-Tower-Winery-Leesburg-Virginia-Wedding_0022 Stone-Tower-Winery-Leesburg-Virginia-Wedding_0030 Stone-Tower-Winery-Leesburg-Virginia-Wedding_0025 Stone-Tower-Winery-Leesburg-Virginia-Wedding_0026 Stone-Tower-Winery-Leesburg-Virginia-Wedding_0031 Stone-Tower-Winery-Leesburg-Virginia-Wedding_0029 Stone-Tower-Winery-Leesburg-Virginia-Wedding_0018

See Part I here.

Thank you to the following vendors for helping make the day happen:

Creative Concept and Co-Host: The Style Collaborative
Event Planning and Co-Host: Sweetface Events
Cake: Sweets by E
Dresses: Soliloquy Bridal
Florist: Creations in Bloom
Hair and Makeup Artist: Alison Harper & Co.
Venue: Stone Tower Winery
Sponsors: H-B Photo Packaging;  Leather Craftsmen;  Pixifi

Winery & Wedding Styled Shoot (Part I) – Katy and Marc

Stone-Tower-Winery-Leesburg-Virginia-Wedding_0065I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to take part in a styled shoot by The Style Collaborative at the stunning Stone Tower Winery in Leesburg, Virginia called ‘Berry Much in Love.’  With three incredibly lovely and photogenic couples serving as our models, we had the opportunity to visit different areas of the winery as we took our photographs.  I can’t wait to share the results of that awesome evening.  With so many photos to share, I will be presenting the images in four parts.  Part I = Katy & Marc.  What I loved most about photographing Katy and Marc was watching the way they look at each other…so sweetly and so in love.  Enjoy the following images of the ethereal Katy and Marc.Stone-Tower-Winery-Leesburg-Virginia-Wedding_0064 Stone-Tower-Winery-Leesburg-Virginia-Wedding_0062 Stone-Tower-Winery-Leesburg-Virginia-Wedding_0061 Stone-Tower-Winery-Leesburg-Virginia-Wedding_0057Stone-Tower-Winery-Leesburg-Virginia-Wedding_0060

Stone-Tower-Winery-Leesburg-Virginia-Wedding_0056 Stone-Tower-Winery-Leesburg-Virginia-Wedding_0063

Thank you to the following vendors for helping make the day happen:

Creative Concept and Co-Host: The Style Collaborative
Event Planning and Co-Host: Sweetface Events
Cake: Sweets by E
Dresses: Soliloquy Bridal
Florist: Creations in Bloom
Hair and Makeup Artist: Alison Harper & Co.
Venue: Stone Tower Winery
Sponsors: H-B Photo Packaging;  Leather Craftsmen;  Pixifi

Family Portraits – Sandbridge Beach, Virginia

Family-Sandbridge-Virginia Beach-Portrait_0021
These are the sweet family photos of Abby and her mom and dad, Jason and Sarah.  Abby is the niece of a good friend of mine and after hearing my friend talk about Abby’s utter adorableness, I couldn’t wait to meet her.  And she definitely didn’t disappoint! :)  A sweet, adorable and independent little bundle of energy with such kind and loving parents.  Jason, Sarah and Abby…thanks for letting me spend the evening with you guys!
Family-Sandbridge-Virginia Beach-Portrait_0001 Family-Sandbridge-Virginia Beach-Portrait_0002 Family-Sandbridge-Virginia Beach-Portrait_0005 Family-Sandbridge-Virginia Beach-Portrait_0013 Family-Sandbridge-Virginia Beach-Portrait_0015
Seriously…so cute!Family-Sandbridge-Virginia Beach-Portrait_0014 Family-Sandbridge-Virginia Beach-Portrait_0007 Family-Sandbridge-Virginia Beach-Portrait_0006 Family-Sandbridge-Virginia Beach-Portrait_0024 Family-Sandbridge-Virginia Beach-Portrait_0023 Family-Sandbridge-Virginia Beach-Portrait_0018 Family-Sandbridge-Virginia Beach-Portrait_0019 Family-Sandbridge-Virginia Beach-Portrait_0016 Family-Sandbridge-Virginia Beach-Portrait_0026 Family-Sandbridge-Virginia Beach-Portrait_0031 Family-Sandbridge-Virginia Beach-Portrait_0030