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Wedding-Portrait Styled Session – Hendry House – Arlington, Virginia

Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0001These photos are from the styled wedding-portrait session I did at the Hendry House in Arlington, Virginia. Thank you so much to my lovely friend Shahrzad and her fiancé, Adrian, for being my models and for going along with my vision. :)  You guys were great and I am beyond thrilled with the results.  And I could never have done the session without my friend Niaz.  She is a local hair stylist and she did such a fantastic job with the hair and make-up!  Looking forward to collaborating with her again in the future!  And looking forward to making another bouquet and floral crown too!  So fun.  Enjoy!
Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0002Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0026 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0004 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0009 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0007 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0008 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0010 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0012 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0011 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0013Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0014 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0015 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0019 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0025 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0021 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0022 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0023 Shahrzad-Adrian.Hendry House-Arlington-Virginia_0024Photography, styling, florals: besa photography
Hair & make-up: Hair Affair by Niaz

Zeke’s Baby Dedication: Arlington, Virginia

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of getting to photograph a very special event. It was baby Zeke’s parent-child dedication ceremony.  I loved capturing Zeke’s infectious smile.  Every time I look back through these photos, I can’t help but smile. He is definitely a boy that is not only deeply loved by his sweet parents and big brother, Mohana, David and M.Z., but by a large network of family and friends who were present to share in the special day.  David, Mohana, Zeke and M.Z., thank you for letting me share in your special day too.  :)Family-Virginia-Baby Dedication_0011 Family-Virginia-Baby Dedication_0003 Family-Virginia-Baby Dedication_0004 Family-Virginia-Baby Dedication_0009 Family-Virginia-Baby Dedication_0012 Family-Virginia-Baby Dedication_0013 Family-Virginia-Baby Dedication_0014 Family-Virginia-Baby Dedication_0018 Family-Virginia-Baby Dedication_0023 Family-Virginia-Baby Dedication_0020 Family-Virginia-Baby Dedication_0031 Family-Virginia-Baby Dedication_0030 Family-Virginia-Baby Dedication_0038 Family-Virginia-Baby Dedication_0033 Family-Virginia-Baby Dedication_0034 Family-Virginia-Baby Dedication_0037 Family-Virginia-Baby Dedication_0035 Family-Virginia-Baby Dedication_0040 Family-Virginia-Baby Dedication_0042 Family-Virginia-Baby Dedication_0043 Family-Virginia-Baby Dedication_0044 Family-Virginia-Baby Dedication_0045 Family-Virginia-Baby Dedication_0048 Family-Virginia-Baby Dedication_0050 Family-Virginia-Baby Dedication_0053

Nicole & Ryan: Jefferson Memorial, Washington, D.C. Proposal


I can’t say how honored I feel to have been present for the engagement of Nicole and Ryan on a sunny and chilly February afternoon.  Ryan contacted me several months before the planned proposal and asked if I could be there to secretly photograph the event.  While an overcast and snowy morning had the potential to put a damper on the day, a sunny afternoon allowed the surprise to go off without a hitch!  The look on Nicole’s face, when Ryan got down on one knee, was priceless.  And then, braving the freezing temps and the windy gusts, we managed to spend a little time after the proposal taking some pictures around the Jefferson.  Ryan and Nicole couldn’t have been more sweet nor could they have been more in love.

Congratulations to you both.  I loved having the opportunity to photograph you guys!!  Thanks for letting me share in the moment. :)







No matter how hard we tried to control the wisps of hair blowing around by the wind, sometimes they had a life of there own. :) I loved the placement of the wisps in the image below.





Portraits in Meridian Hill Park – D.C.

I took my first class in portrait photography a few weeks ago.  The class, called “Photographing with Emotion,” took place at the lovely Meridian Hill Park in Washington D.C.and was taught by the awesome Terra Chandler (an amazing wedding/portrait photographer).  I had so much fun taking these photos and I really learned a lot.  I hope Terra is proud!